It's safe to say that when people think of Idaho they think potatoes. But that doesn't mean we want to farm them or be them (looking at you Ohio). In fact, the job that people are searching for more in Idaho than any other state is really surprising.

We have the honor here in Idaho of having the most wannabe Bike Repairers. That's not a bad honor to have considering other states have some really weird searches. Take a look at California where there apparently is a big need for Lion Tamers. Utah isn't really a surprise with many people wanting to be Estheticians. If you check out the full map at Zippia you'll see that North Carolina is awesome and won with the most people searching for how to be a pirate (I'm assuming these aren't results from a Halloween search).

The results of this map come from a search done by Zippia using Google Trends, where they typed in random jobs and whichever state came up as the highest search won the title for that job.

Which job search result do you think is the weirdest?