This is almost silly, but a serious reality check! I always think about those making minimum wage and think to myself, how do they make it work? Is it even possible? This is how the math works out in Idaho. 

Turns out it does not work out well unless you have a roommate or two or three!

The minimum wage in Idaho is still at $7.25/hr. That means working full-time, 40-hours a week, you're bringing in $15,080 a year!

The financial experts say you really shouldn't spend more than 20%-25% on housing, so this translates to $246.35 according to a study on that details what you can get making minimum wage in all 50 states.

We all know the housing prices around the Treasure Valley are booming and you aren't getting anything under $300. At that price, you're probably lucky to get a room of any kind!

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