A friend was driving Blue Lakes Boulevard and counted 17 help wanted signs.  These are the posted signs.  You can fathom the number is much higher.  Not everyone has a billboard but if you walked in and asked for work, you might leave with a job from any one of dozens of other shops. 

What does he need?  A gold embossed invitation?

Contrast it with a familiar scene from Pole Line Road and Fillmore Street.  Last Friday I twice passed through the same intersection over a period of 90 minutes.  There was a guy on a chair and he had a pair of signs.  Begging for money or begging for a job?  If he needed the latter, he was a few feet from a tire store and on opposite corners are Costco, Target and an Oasis.  And within a couple of blocks businesses such as hotels, restaurants and a grocery store.  I saw him both times I passed through.  He must be a consultant!

On any given day during regular times, someone is hiring.  The guy looked to be in great shape and not much beyond 40-years-old.

What does he need?  A gold embossed invitation?

One liberal argument is we need to pay people more for their work.  It really depends on what they’re doing for a living.  The last time I was paid minimum wage was in 1979.  It was the summer before my senior year of high school.  I washed dishes.  It was an entry level position.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a reply on the Newsradio 1310 KLIX Facebook page.  A 45-year-old guy claimed minimum wage hadn’t been raised since he was out of high school.  Huh?  It was raised less than 15-years-ago.  With his math skills, I’m not sure he deserves 12 bucks an hour.    The money you’ve been taking while resting on your bottom will someday need to be paid back.  By not only you but by people like me.  Get a job!

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