I pass In-N-Out Burger on the drive to Salt Lake City.  Friends from back east have asked if we’ve got one locally.  One friend even suggested he would come for a visit if one was close to Twin Falls.  Sorry, no such luck! 

This would be much easier if I only needed to drive a few blocks to Pole Line Road.

Of all the major chains In-N-Out and Whataburger are the ones I hear people pine for the most.  Last weekend, friends from the Boise area went to a football game in Texas.  They made the Whataburger pilgrimage.  Even taking selfies with the logo in the background.  So, why can’t we get both here?  There are plenty of fine burger joints in Twin Falls but I’d sure like some additional variety.  It’s because I’m not into fine dining.  Going out for lunch or dinner usually means a burger and fries.

The newspapers throughout the region are filled with buzz about In-N-Out coming to Logan, Utah.  Look, if it can succeed there it can work in Twin Falls, Pocatello and Boise and maybe even some places in between.

There are some general rules most chains follow.  In 2015, I looked into what would be needed for a local Capriotti’s franchise.  A friend was considering moving here and she had grown up on the brand.  She never came but Capriotti’s did.  If my memory is right, you need a base population of 25,000 before a franchise is awarded.

We long ago crossed that plateau.

So why aren’t the big name burgers already here?

I’ll admit, I’ve never stopped at the In-N-Out north of Salt Lake City because I’m usually pressed for time, although.  Before the pandemic hit, I was making plans to go there and then building my day around lunch.  This would be much easier if I only needed to drive a few blocks to Pole Line Road.

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