If you didn't participate in early voting for the November 2019 election in Idaho, election day is Tuesday, Nov. 5, across the state.

If you are not sure where to show up to vote Tuesday, go to www.idahovotes.org to plug in the county you live in and a couple other pieces of information to find the polling place for you.

Many city council elections will be taking place in the Magic Valley and all around Idaho along with funding issues for schools and jails, like in Twin Falls County. You can find the sample ballots bellow for the Magic Valley counties that post them online:

Also, here is the identification requirement for people voting in Idaho from the Idaho Secretary of State's Office:

A registered voter must either present a photo ID or sign a Personal Identification Affidavit.

Forms of photo identification may be any one of the following:

-An Idaho driver’s license or Idaho photo identification card.
-A U.S. passport or Federal photo identification card.
-A tribal photo identification card.
-A current student photo ID, issued by an Idaho high school or post-secondary education institution.
-A license to carry a concealed weapon issued by a county sheriff in Idaho.
*If a voter does not have an Idaho Driver’s License, they can use an Idaho photo identification card issued by the Department of Transportation to vote.

Check the Department of Transportation website for locations and documents you may need.

If a voter is not able to show an acceptable ID, the voter will be given the option to sign the Personal Identification Affidavit.

On the Affidavit, the voter swears to his/her identity under penalty of perjury, a felony under Idaho Code § 34-1114.

After signing the Affidavit, the voter will be issued a ballot to be tabulated with all other ballots.

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