Don’t they trust us?  A friend posted a Wikipedia link on her Facebook page.  It discusses the various styles of state government across America.  She’s disappointed Idaho isn’t a Home Rule state.  Instead, it’s a Dillon’s Rule state.  What’s the difference?  Under Home Rule, town and county governments have mostly a free hand in how they govern themselves.  Under Dillon’s system, counties and towns are vassals of the state.  We should note, it’s not a total domination by Boise.  There are some elements of Home Rule in Idaho according to Wikipedia.

Considering many of our state legislators started their political careers on school boards, town, and city councils, when did they lose trust in their former colleagues?

Here’s my opinion.  Any system other than Home Rule allows greater corporate control of the government.  This is why legislators and the executive branch favor large companies over employees when workers are ordered to get COVID vaccines.  That’s one example.  If you had more local control, it may not guarantee your city council puts you first, but I believe it increases the odds.  After all, council members see you frequently at the local grocery store and gas station.  Face-to-face encounters bring accountability.

Does anyone want to argue with me?  Even a top-down organization such as the Roman Catholic Church supports subsidiarity.  The ideal best solutions come from local decisions.  One size doesn’t fit all.

It makes sense.  It would also remove power from the hands of our deep state centered in Boise.  Good luck while waiting for a change.

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