It's no secret: Boise is a pretty great place. I mean, it's becoming so well known that a lot of people wish it WERE still a secret. It seems that every other week, Boise makes another headline for topping ANOTHER list. The lists are never bad, by the place for young professionals, best place to raise a family, best place to grab a locally brewed beer on a get the point.

One awesome thing that goes on right here in the Treasure Valley is a hit HGTV show called "Boise Boys", where two totally opposite guys right here in Boise come together to renovate homes...right here in the Treasure Valley. Their work is locally and nationally revered--just take a look at the success of the show and their social media following--and just announced this week, they're looking to take on some new projects here in the Boise area! Check out their tweet, below!

The filming of this new show starts next month and if you've ever thought "wow, I'd love for these guys to work their magic on MY home", then you're in luck. Are you outgrowing your current home and looking to expand the space so you DON'T have to move? The Boise Boys want to hear from you!

You need to live in the Treasure Valley, have a serious desire to renovate your home, and have a minimum budget of $75,000 to get the job done.

This exciting and once in a life time opportunity will only be offered to a few families here in the Treasure Valley, so get on your application ASAP!

To apply, click HERE.

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