Twin Falls is now a vacation destination.  Not just a stop to see a few sights when tourists are passing through.  Twin Falls City Councilman Chris Reid mentioned it this week.  During an appearance on Magic Valley This Morning on Newsradio 96.1 FM and Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  He explained people now come here and spend an entire week versus a quick stop at Shoshone Falls before going on to Sun Valley.

They came passing through Twin Falls and discovered it was a place to spend a few nights

A lot of what is driving the increased tourist interest is coming from travel writers.  Many went on the road last year during the so-called pandemic.  They came passing through Twin Falls and discovered it was a place to spend a few nights and for seeing the multiple water falls, parks and canyons in the area.  One couple from Washington State even wrote about how they start a yearly vacation in Twin Falls.  It’s their leaping off point before they then take back roads all the way to Missoula.

Here’s a question.  Are the tourists welcome?  I’ve lived in places where some tourists can be insufferable, although.  I’ve never met anyone with that description visiting Twin Falls.  Some days I park at the visitor center and get out and walk around.  Some days I even make some conversation.  The new people are just in awe of the canyon and the Perrine Bridge.  Which means they’re in a really good mood.

The only people I ever met while there with an attitude were two local guys shooting some pictures with a drone.  I guess my questions caused them to slip with the controls!

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