Source: WalletHub

Many of the transplants to Twin Falls are retirees.  Why?  It’s not quite as snowy as the rest of Idaho.  There are plenty of shopping and dining opportunities.  There’s a large hospital and readily available medical practices.  And summer here is delightful. 

Florida remains the most popular destination for retires.

Last week when details emerged about Idaho being America’s number one destination for movers, stories cited the number of people coming here for retirement as between 20 and 25 percent.  Some may be priced out of the Treasure Valley but find the Magic Valley less expensive and less congested.

Florida remains the most popular destination for retires.  WalletHub pegs neighboring Utah at fourth, Wyoming is fifth and Colorado places second.  Idaho is ninth nationwide.  Idaho is listed as 13th most affordable and only 30th for available healthcare.  The latter could be weighted by a shortage of doctors and hospitals in the rural areas some retirees prefer for isolation.

The best state for healthcare for retirees would be Minnesota but it’s otherwise among the least affordable.

The worst state for old folks?  WalletHub suggests Kentucky.  In the bottom half in all three categories used for the study and near dead last in two of those.

Highly taxed New York is the least affordable.  West Virginia has the worst healthcare access.  Arkansas is listed as the worst quality of life.

Of all of these I would think quality of life is the most difficult to quantify.  I used to live at a beach resort.  Nice, but I don’t like swimming or roasting on sand.

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