TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho wildlife managers were busy this week with large wild animals as a big cat was reported in Boise and a wandering moose had to be removed from an American Falls neighborhood. During the weekend Idaho Department of Fish and Game got several reports from the public that a mountain lion had been spotted along the Boise River. Conservation officers could not confirm that the animal seen was an actual cougar after sending an officer out to investigate on Monday, but officials say it isn't uncommon for the big cats to use river corridors to travel through an area. The animals have previously been seen in other parts of Idaho's largest city. Idaho Fish and Game said in a statement it didn't think there was any risk to the public and offered some tips to stay safe and how to act around a mountain lion. Meanwhile, conservation officers removed a moose from an American Falls neighborhood on Monday morning. Idaho Fish and Game said the estimated 1,000 pound bull moose had been wondering in an area near Interstate 86 and nearby Hillcrest Elementary. The American Falls Police Department and Power County Sheriff's Office had already responded and contained the animal before conservation officers tranquilized the animal. The bull was then taken to a more sparsely populated area. "It is not unusual to observe moose in and around the American Falls area. However, sightings right in town are not as common and can be problematic. Moose can be defensive if approached by people, and these large animals can be a hazard to motorists," said Idaho Fish and Game. Idaho Fish and Game often have to relocate moose from urban areas in Idaho.

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