“Magic Valley COVID-19 cases down,” read the headline.  I saw it after picking up the Times-News from the stoop at work.  No kidding?  In the region where the health district and county leaders refused to mandate the wearing of facemasks.  Should the news be counterintuitive?  The drop runs against the numbers elsewhere in the state, where people are in many cases encased in masks by edict of government and/or bureaucrats.

I realize he’s taking a beating from liberals because he won’t impose Michigan style fascism in Idaho.

Governor Brad Little wants you to stay home for Christmas.  He celebrated yesterday with the Jewish community.  At arms-length.  He also condemned the vandalism at the Anne Frank Memorial.  All decent people do the same.  He then went on to say our right to free speech shouldn’t be used to intimidate.  One Idaho State Legislator then chimed in and suggested rights to assembly and freedom of religion were trampled by the Governor.  Funny, at least a few found irony in Little’s statement.

I realize he’s taking a beating from liberals because he won’t impose Michigan style fascism in Idaho.  He’s straddling the fence on coronavirus and I’m not sure making everybody angry is a successful political strategy.

The Governor of Massachusetts is even admitting masking is more a public relations effort than an actual prevention measure.  I read the details at the Wall Street Journal.  Charlie Baker is a Republican.  A “moderate” in media parlance but he managed to pull back the curtain on the frenzied responses to the pandemic.

So, how did we see our numbers drop in the Magic Valley?  Does snow kill virus?  Is the weather keeping people at home?  Don’t we usually see greater virus spread when people are confined by weather?  I’m not being sarcastic with my questions.  I’m truly looking for answers.  It may well be we’ve never had any means of control these last nine months.  Other than waiting for the infections to subside.  As all viruses have done during human history.

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