Remember the woman who encountered a mountain lion behind the Kimberly Post Office?  She managed a short video before the animal skedaddled.  Both the Magic and Wood River Valleys have had some close encounters in recent years.  And in some parts of the west the animals are getting bolder when it comes to family pets and human beings.  Now a new study out of the Teton Range could offer some answers.

The wolves compete with mountain lions for food and it appears sometimes eat kittens.

It’s published by the Smithsonian.  Wolf packs have moved into the range.  The wolves compete with mountain lions for food and it appears sometimes eat kittens.  You can read the story here.

I was looking through it at my desk and realized the lions could be on the move.  Getting pushed into new territories by encroaching wolf packs.  The stress on the cats would be intense.  You could see it manifest in erratic and aggressive behavior.

When wolves were being reintroduced in parts of the west the environmentalists said it was to restore the balance of ecology.  But a new ecosystem had grown up and filled the void.  Now it’s threatened.  The virtue signaling lefties tell us diversity makes us stronger.  Not if you’re a lion cub.

The Smithsonian aired a documentary I watched last winter.  Grizzly bears at Yellowstone were changing dietary habits and increasingly munching on elk.  Especially calves.  Traditionally, fish had been a staple of the grizzly diet.  Then the fish the bears feasted on had a population drop.  Some numbskull had introduced species of fish into local waterways and the new fish was now chewing on the specialty of the bears.

Sometimes, it’s best to stand back and keep your hands off an ecosystem.


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