KETCHUM, Idaho (KLIX)-A bull elk got caught a second time in a very precarious situation in the Wood River Valley that required conservation officers to tranquilize the animal on Tuesday.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Magic Valley Regional Officer, residents south of Ketchum reported an elk had gotten entangled in a swing set attached to a tree. Before officers arrived the elk broke free of the tree, but still had rope and parts of the swing still attached to its antlers. The only way to remove the mangled swing set was to anesthetize the elk with a dart.

This is not the first time this specific elk has gotten entangled, Senior Conservation Officer Brandyn Hurd said the elk had gotten entangled in a large hammock in October of last year that nearly killed the animal when the material got water-soaked as the animal went into the Big Wood River. Idaho Fish and Game knew it was the same elk because it had been given a tag indicating it had been tranquilized before. “All backyard furniture and playground equipment needs to be removed and secured during the winter months,” stated Hurd, “wildlife can easily get entangled in this equipment which puts the animal at risk, but it also puts the Fish and Game team at risk when using drugs to anesthetize the animal and working to free them from backyard equipment.”

Large animals like elk, moose and deer can become become entangled in items typically found in a back yard like ropes, strings of lights, swing sets, and wires because of their large antlers. Idaho Fish and Game encourages residents to take a look at their backyards for anything that can be stored away during the winter that might pose a threat to the large game. For more information you can call the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208) 324-4359.

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Tangled Elk

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