BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) Idaho's governor has created another task force aimed at improving funding and delivery of a skilled workforce. The Office of the Governor announced Tuesday, the creation of of a Governor's Workforce Development Task Force to meet the growing demand from employers for skilled workers. Members of the task force will include health care, aerospace, food processing, natural resources, advanced manufacturing, energy, and construction, according to the governor's office.

Lack of skills has lead to underemployed Idahoans who do not have the skills for thousands of Jobs that are available according to the Idaho Department of Labor. Officials believe by 2020 there will be shortage of workers for highly skilled jobs that could lead to stifled economic growth. The workforce group will also work with a newly created education task force in achieving it's goal.

“Idaho businesses are champing at the bit to grow, but they’re being held up by a shortage of workers with the education and training to do the increasingly technical jobs that are the mainstay of the modern workplace,” Governor Otter said. “We can and must do better. That means exploring best practices from the perspectives of those who sign the checks and are on the front lines of meeting industry’s employment needs.”


Brian Whitlock, president and CEO of the Idaho Hospital Association, and Dr. David Hill, a physicist and retired executive at the Idaho National Laboratory, will co-chair the Task Force. Members of the House and Senate will also appoint a member to the group.

“There are few issues more important or of more immediate concern to health care than ensuring we have people with the training and skills necessary for today’s hospital environment,” Whitlock said. “With our population aging and demand for care exceeding available resources, this Task Force offers the chance to steer Idaho’s efforts more efficiently and effectively toward meeting our on-the-ground employment realities.”



The Gov. Otter is also asking legislators to approve a transfer of $5 million from the General Fund to the Workforce Development Training Fund in the upcoming fiscal year. Current funding has not been able to meet the demands according to the governor's office.

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