Twin Falls has its fair share of bad traffic lights, and heading into summer construction will only makes things worse. Based on your suggestions, we shared some of the worse stop lights around Twin Falls. See if your least favorite made his list.

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    Blue Lakes and Kimberly Road

    I hate stopping near the tracks. It seems like there's always someone who either stops right on the tracks or they'll straddle the line where the arm will drop when a train comes.

    I can't count how many times I've seen other drivers have to scrunch up to try to make room for 'that guy' to get him out of trouble.

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    Five Points at Blue Lakes

    Here’s a place where you should be able to go left but you can’t. If you look close enough, there’s a sign that says “No Left Turn”. I see out of towners wait in the left lane for a green arrow that will never appear. I’d like to get mad at them but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to access Addison from Blue Lakes by turning left. Every now and then I admire the rebel that punches it on green. Outwardly, I frown on the illegal turn but I’m smiling on the inside.

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    Heading Northwest on 2nd to Addison

    This can be one of the worst places to get stuck. If you're heading Northwest on 2nd Ave North, there's a light at the intersection of 2nd and Addison, just past Lincoln Elementary.

    If traffic is heavy, it's possible for traffic stopped at Washington and Addison to back up all the way to 2nd. If you don't look far enough ahead, you could wind up stuck in the middle of the intersection when the light turns red. I always hang back at this light to make sure I have enough room to get all the way through before I go forward.

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    The two turn lanes from Blue Lakes to Pole Line.

    This isn't so much a design flaw as it is a people problem. For whatever reason, Twin Falls cannot seem to grasp that it’s perfectly acceptable for two lanes to turn parallel to one another. But how many times have you watched drivers merge two lanes into one and drive right down the middle while you slam the breaks to keep from “merging” with oncoming traffic?

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    Anything on Shoshone at 5:00am

    I think these lights could stand to remain on sensors until at least 5:30. I've driven down Shoshone at 5:00am countless times only to be stuck at a red light with no cars in sight.

    The same can be said for North Washington. I've been the only car stuck at Falls and Washington by CSI at 5:00am and had to wait for several minutes for the light to cycle through.

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