National media doesn't pay much attention to Yellowstone Park in winter.  Unless someone literally gets buffaloed.  There are the usual seasonal closures but for many, the coldest time of year is the best time at the park.

This morning I came across a website with 11 reasons to visit Yellowstone in winter.  You can see more by clicking here.  

I don't ski.  I haven't been on a snowmobile in a very, very long time (so long ago I think it may have been 50 years ago).  I remember my dad wanted the family to take up snow machines as a cold weather activity.  Until he tried out some sleds.  At 6-and-a-half feet tall he could only find one brand he could comfortably ride.  I believe it's no longer even manufactured!  So, when he realized he would be left out, the family sport never materialized.

Here's a reason I'd still like to pick up the hobby.  Winter photography.  As I understand it from a documentary I watched on the Smithsonian Channel, much of the animal life inside the park hibernates, however.  The animals that don't sleep through winter are very active.

And I wouldn't mind ending a day in a warm cabin with a cup of hot chocolate.  And the following day I could do it all over again.  A good week away would bring some much wanted rest and relaxation.

There are many people who recommend winter vacations in warmer climates.  I've never been a beach guy.  You're left with sand in places you never knew existed.  Snow melts.

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