For those of us who majored in Molson in college this really isn’t a surprise.  A writer at the Resurgent explains marijuana is such big business in Colorado, it’s now becoming a course of study.  While some students may puff a lot of pot, the coursework actually revolves around growing research and the business end of the industry.

Public attitudes about dope have changed dramatically over the last 15 years.  One course on marijuana may have been an anomaly in 2005 and mostly gone unnoticed.  Now there are entire departments taking up the banner.

I can see a new bureaucracy springing up at taxpayer expense to monitor smoke.

A degree in marijuana studies may not get you work in some parts of the country (Human Resources will assume you’re always stoned) but in states with legalization I guess it makes sense.  People will be needed simply to understand the economic and health impacts.  I can see a new bureaucracy springing up at taxpayer expense to monitor smoke.

With the direction we’re going and with some well-known politicians discussing widespread legalization of prostitution as the next great social wave, what will departments of whoredom resemble on campus?  Will there be field research?

All of this could surely increase college enrollment and a lot of kids planning careers in the trades may reconsider and at least pursue a four year degree.  By the time you get to PhD, you’ll have some serious sins to confess.

But, then again, remembering my experience from 40 years ago, not much would really change on campus.  It was one big bacchanalia and I’m amazed anyone emerged knowing something marketable that they didn’t know before matriculating.  See, I did at least learn the meaning of one big word!

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