We know how it is: you have children at home eager to get outside.

You take your kids to the park, but it’s the same thing. They swing, use the teeter-totter, climb the monkey bars – all good and fun, but they’ve already done all of that a million times before. They want to experience something else.

How about taking them to Mary Alice Park in downtown Twin Falls?

The quiet park located at 436 Main Ave. North is managed by the Art Guild of Magic Valley, but it is open to the public. This is a different kind of park, with some things you likely won’t find at any other local venue.

Like what?

How about giant chess and checker pieces?

There’s more, of course: a sandy play area with toys, tricycles, a water fountain, and a picnic area, among other interesting objects.

The park was dedicated in 2008 in memory of Mary Alice Nolan Hoag, who supported local artists and the downtown area. The park is a quiet little place that, if you haven’t known about until now, you’ll want to stop by for a visit. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it. Come sit in the shade, next to the fountain or under a tree. 

You'll enjoy it. If nothing else, you might find it interesting. 

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