TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Qualified residents are being asked to apply to fill an open position on the College of Southern Idaho Board of Trustees following the resignation of one of its members. The college opened up the application process on Monday after Trustee Jack Nelsen resigned as he was elected to the Idaho House of Representatives in November; Nelsen will serve Seat B in District 26. The four other trustees will appoint one of the applicants to fill the vacancy. The person appointed will serve until November 2024 and can run for reelection. Applicants must live and be a qualified elector within the trustee zone, which is most of Jerome County. "Persons interested in applying for the open seat must submit a written letter to CSI Vice President of Administration Jeff Harmon (serving as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board) addressing their reasons for seeking a seat on the Board and their qualifications to serve. Employees of the College of Southern Idaho are not eligible to serve as trustees. The deadline for submitting letters of interest is January 20, 2023," according to CSI. The applicants will go through an interview process and several finalist will be presented to the Board of Trustees. Applications and details can be found HERE.

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