2013 After Christmas Sales
Didn't get everything you wanted this year for Christmas?  That's OK, today is the day to return all those Christmas gifts that just aren't right.  Based on what I've seen online so far, today and this week will be a great time to get your hands on all those after Chris…
The Ten Worst Things About The Holidays
Supposedly, Christmas is a time of pure happiness and love...but in reality there are a few things that we hate about the holidays. Especially when family comes to visit! Here are the ten worst things about the holidays.
10 Great Ideas for Donations to Your Local Food Bank
This time of year, food banks are working extra hard to keep their shelves stocked. If you're in a charitable mood, you might be wondering what exactly these charities are looking for in the way of donations. A recent thread on Reddit explored just that. Numerous commenters with experience either wo…
See the Cast of ‘Scrooged’ Then and Now
Released in 1988, 'Scrooged' was a darkly comedic take on Charles Dickens' classic 'A Christmas Carol,' starring Bill Murray in the Ebenezer Scrooge role as Frank Cross, a cynical TV executive alienated from his family and unable to find real happiness. Struggling to put together a live production o…
Home Alone: The Song
The Gregory Brothers sing the entire plot of Home Alone set to Home Alone music!  Fun fact: John Williams wrote the music score (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, ET, etc).  No wonder it's so darn memorable.
What Do People Fight About On Christmas Day?
In the real world Christmas isn't all candy canes and minty hot cocoa - Christmas can be a pretty stressful day! If you're like most people, you'll make it through Christmas morning just fine. It's the afternoon that brings out our inner 'I don't give and Elf' ange…

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