Jerry Brown would appear to approve of open borders.  The Governor of California is a proponent of granting citizenship to more illegal aliens in order to give them a vote and him a perpetual liberal political majority.  Brown is also instituting mandatory water restrictions in his state because of a longstanding drought.  Considering the official population of California is listed at just under 40 million people and no one really has a good grasp of how many illegal aliens currently live there the number could actually be well over 50 million.  No water in sight and Brown wants to bring even more thirsty people to the Golden State.

This is why those of us right-of-center in this country believe leftists are incredibly stupid people.  Or if not dumber than boxes-of-rocks then deviously looking to destroy the country in hopes of establishing a North American Khmer Rouge government.  They’ll collapse the system, call it year one and start all over again.

One-half of all fruit grown in the United States comes from California.  Some are predicting the current drought could last for 30 years.  The global warming alarmists blame California’s car culture, where even Hollywood liberals drive themselves in Abrams Tank sized vehicles.  On the other hand there are historic studies that show lengthy droughts in the western portions of what is now the United States have been fairly common.  Question for the radical environmentalists:  What caused those droughts?  Smoke signals?

Brown promises to provide more energy efficient home appliances and drought resistant grasses for lawns.  Which means taxes will be skyrocketing to cover expenses for people who can’t afford to replace expensive appliances.

One major newspaper on the east coast is blaming Brown’s free spending father for the crisis.  “Pat” Brown diverted water from the northern reaches of his state to slake the thirst of his voting base in Southern California.  Despite losing his office to Ronald Reagan in 1966 after a portion of the base burned Los Angeles, the promises of ever more goodies from Santa Claus brought the base back under the son.

The younger Brown is now going to return to an old bag of political tricks.  He’ll claim it would be mean-spirited for neighbors to leave Californians thirsty.  With the greatest leverage in the Electoral College Brown will remind candidates his blessing could bestow higher office upon them and eventually one.  Who’ll make Brown the biggest promise at the expense of others?

President Obama promises your future in exchange for his party's short term goals.
President Obama promises your future in exchange for his party's short term goals.

It isn’t just poor planning by Lefty when it comes to cities and aqueducts.  Lefty has been buying fealty from all sorts of interests and as this story explains, can’t any longer keep trillions of dollars in promises.  Big blue states and big blue cities expect frugal red states to provide not just water but also cash.  These are messes of titanic proportions created by people who were warned decades ago the party would result in hangovers and cotton mouths.  My mother used to tell us when we complained of neighborhood bullies, “Fight your own battles!”  Since mom isn’t here to referee and wouldn’t anyway get involved we’ll likely have to fight this battle by saying no and refusing to cooperate.  Otherwise Jerry Brown and his ilk won’t learn anything about self-reliance, toughing it out and they’ll keep coming back to take more of what little you have.


By the way, California hasn't cornered the market on inane regulations as this story explains!

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