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Hillary Clinton Cursed Our Troops
I realize even the most dedicated talk radio listeners can’t be tuning in every waking hour.  Maybe you missed it, but one veteran recounted the day Hillary Clinton cursed some troops.
Would-be Reagan Assassin to Leave Hospital
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – After living more than 35 years in a mental hospital, the man who tried to assassinate the 40th president of the United States will soon be released to the care of his mother, according to a judge’s ruling.
Donald Trump Courts Celtic America
What’s good for Wall Street isn’t always what’s good for the country.  I’m reminded today of the quote from Charles Wilson, CEO of General Motors, when in the early 1950s he was being vetted for the role of Secretary-of-Defense.&nb…
Bring Them Out So I May Know Them!
The liberal media sycophants awoke today in mourning.  In off year elections their masters in the Democrat Party took another paddling from conservative Republicans.  A long shot downed a media darling in Kentucky.  The gun grabbing Governor of Virginia cost his party seats in Richmon…
Commentary: Breaking the Two Party System
Democrats and Republicans repent.  Some pundits predict the parties are over.  A friend from Alabama sent me a link from something called  A writer at the site is promoting Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for Preside…
Commentary: Liberals and the Drought of Ideas
Jerry Brown would appear to approve of open borders.  The Governor of California is a proponent of granting citizenship to more illegal aliens in order to give them a vote and him a perpetual liberal political majority.  Brown is also instituting mandatory water restrictions in his state b…

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