We ran across a story that was written out of Boise explaining the "reasons" Boise is better than Twin Falls. I must admit, they left a lot of stuff out. Twin Falls is by far better than Boise and we have proof.

If you want to read the reasons why Boise is better than Twin Falls, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, click here. I am pretty sure I can poke holes in all their arguments, but here we go.

#1 Outdoors

So in this story they are comparing Shoshone Falls to the Boise River and the Greenbelt.

Benito Baeza

Sure, all of it is a blast, but they seemed to forget the massive river that ALSO runs through Twin Falls. A little thing called the Snake River, that you can utilize year round as well. There is the Canyon Rim Trail that has beautiful views of the Snake River. Kayaking, fishing, swimming, yea we have all of that too and it is less crowded. And it is kind of famous for this one guy, called Evel Knieval who tried to jump it. I hear he was a pretty cool and famous dude.

#2 Freedom

Twin Falls is the ONLY place in the COUNTRY that BASE jumpers are allowed to jump off the Perrine Bridge without a permit.

A BASE Jumper goes off of the Perrine Bridge on March 16, 2019. Credit: Michael Felton

Last time I checked, Boise doesn't have the same freedoms that Twin Falls does, and last I checked Idahoans love freedom.

#3 Celebrities

Boise claims the only famous person from Twin Falls is Christina Hendricks, who yes, is phenomenal. They also claim Aaron Paul.

Getty Images

That's fine, but our Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks (who both do regular business in Twin Falls) mop the floor with Aaron Paul. Can we also bring up Nikki Sixx? Have you ever of him? Just curious. Plus, I would rather meet Christina Hendricks than Aaron Paul anyway.

#4 Recreation

Boise does have Bogus Basin, a great place to recreate. Twin Falls does go to Sun Valley, but we also have Pomerelle and Magic Mountain which are quite a bit more affordable that even Bogus is.

Ross Falls In Winter credit N8

We also have the South Hills that are a great place to recreate and depending on where you live in Boise it is a faster drive to the South Hills from Twin Falls than it is to Bogus Basin from Boise.

#5 Nightlife

Sure Twin Falls may not have a ton of bars or night clubs, but we also don't want to.

PC 2nd South Market Facebook

What we do have is Idaho's ONLY food hall (which Boise is in the works getting now that we gave them the great idea), less crowded bars, less crowded movie theaters, we have breweries and we can actually see the stars at night. Sounds like a better night life to me.

I feel like I could go on and on. Nice try Boise. Next

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