TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Eight people have been awarded and recognized by the Twin Falls County Sheriff Thursday for saving the life of a man at Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir in early November.

At a packed Twin Falls County Commissioners meeting, Sheriff Tom Carter awarded the Live Saving Award to three dispatchers, three county officers, an Idaho Department of Fish and Game officer, and a firefighter for saving the life of Jim Wilson who had been involved in a boating accident on November 1, that claimed the life of Dr. Eugene Holm.

According to Sheriff Carter, Wilson and Holm had been fishing when the exhaust manifold blew a hole in their boat, sinking it very quickly. Wilson was able to call 911 and spoke to Southern Idaho Regional Communication Center Dispatcher Kristy Churchman who was able to get a location on where the call was coming from; dispatchers Tucker Ray and Brian Murphy then sent deputies and medics to the location.

Twin Falls County Sheriff's Lt. Daron Brown and Idaho Fish and Game Officer Jim Stirling were first to arrive on scene while Deputy James Benson was headed to the reservoir with a rescue boat. Air St. Luke's had joined the search and located Wilson in the water, but were not able to get to him.

Eventually Deputy Benson arrived with the boat and went out along with Deputy Kelly Wilson and Salmon Tract Firefighter Chase Lanting and found Wilson floating on his back about 75 feet from the shore, he had been in the 45 degree water for more than 50 minutes. Wilson was flown to St. Luke's Magic Valley for treatment. Sheriff Carter also thanked Cassia, Bonneville, and Bingham counties for their help recovering the body of Mr. Holm and the boat.

Recovery efforts of a boat that sank on November 1, 2019 at Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir. Photo courtesy Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office