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It’s not sedition to question authority.  It’s not insurrection to ask for additional arguments.  It’s not insanity to fear out state and country could spin out of control.  Click on this link and you’ll see my argument.  The country has reached the breaking point.

There were Republicans supporting our Governor’s decision to keep the state open for business.  They now support his decision to hamstring the economy and take us into an absurdist tails spin where people in masks wander our shops in isolation.  You may ask if the support for the Governor on both decisions is consistent.  It’s consistent among those Republicans who follow anything with a GOP label.  They put party ahead of God, country and countrymen.

I should note the Walgreen’s on my block has no masks in stock.  I checked.  Then I left home without one. It would also hamper me in my work Monday through Friday but maybe a gag is the point.

Then they work to silence dissent.  What’s next?  Jailing contrarians for sedition?  If I argue against the shutdown will I be blamed because someone didn’t wear a mask and then died from the virus?  How long until I’m hauled before a court and accused of being an accessory to the death?  I should note the Walgreen’s on my block has no masks in stock.  I checked.  Then I left home without one.

It would also hamper me in my work Monday through Friday but maybe a gag is the point.

The economist Stephen Moore argues if the policy makers prove to be wrong, they’re going to reap the whirlwind.

There are also Republicans I know who continue telling me saving lives is our most important obligation.  Do they really believe an economic depression will improve the physical health of their fellow citizens?  I think what many of them really mean is they don’t want someone passing along the virus.  Well, who doesn’t?  I’m not cheerleading for Team COVID!

On the other hand, if you die of malnutrition it’s not something they’ll likely catch through their nostrils.  And they’ll say you didn’t make the right choices that would’ve given you a cushion during difficult days.  They did, therefore God favors them.

Democrats, meanwhile, are all for the new control regime.  They see an opportunity to “perfect” you by closing down gun stores, expanding government and warning, as Chuck Schumer has, there are limits to free speech.   Schumer makes a specious argument and he knows better.  An old adage explains your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose.  Much like the Second Amendment, your right to possess a gun is tempered by laws that will jail you if you shoot a neighbor while robbing him.   But you can’t lose your right because someone believes someday you could rob your neighbor.  Being critical of government and cranky old Chuck isn’t akin to a punch in the nose.

The Democrat’s auxiliary, mainstream media, isn’t doing much to look out for your liberty.  It has gotten on the big government bandwagon.  When I was a young reporter, I was told my job was to eliminate ambiguity as much as possible and present facts.  Today, media adopts a position as conventional wisdom and then joins in shouting down the dissenters.  The only regular recognition the virus cure is worse than the virus comes from the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal.  Influential but not widely read by the public.

So we get a steady diet of reporting telling us it’s our duty to follow Dr. Fauci because, doncha know, he’s smarter than the rest of us and media knows he’s smarter because media knows it’s smarter than everyone else.  None of us were asked to vote for Fauci and media.

People did vote for the Sheriff of Bonner County and Mayor of Sugar City.  I’m posting their contrarian arguments below.  They’re not calling the Governor names, however.  They’re asking for deliberation and consideration of multiple points of view.

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