Go figure.  Pinko mainstream media outlets called it a gathering of “Far-right” legislators.  There are one-world globalists among the minority Democrats in Boise and media sees those guys as fellow travelers.  If Democrats controlled Idaho’s House and Senate who would be a greater threat?  The pinkos or the Constitutionalist Republicans?

Check out the pictures from the gallery in the House.  Clearly, there was some public interest.

Pinko mainstream media outlets called it a gathering of “Far-right” legislators.

Some Republicans didn’t take part in Tuesday’s activities, calling it unconstitutional.  Really, then why weren’t the House members in attendance arrested and dragged away?  Because they showed up at their workplace and took their seats.  Hardly a misdemeanor and much less a felony.

I know a great many Republicans angry with Governor Brad Little who suddenly become shrinking violets when asked to comment publicly.  They’re flowers, alright.  Perhaps not violets.  Are these men and women afraid of losing corporate sponsorship?  Has the Governor threatened to cook and eat them?  Is he storing their stones in pickle jars in his office?

Ballots may tell us there are two major political parties and several smaller outfits.  What we really have are the Considerate Party and the What’s in it for Me Party.  The majority of politicians are in the latter.  Media, which used to challenge the establishment now buttresses it because it increasingly acquiesces to modernity.  Which is the pinko creed.  It destroys all tradition and the past.  What’s in it for Me gets the spoils.

There are a handful of old guard Republicans I really like.  Jim Patrick reminds me of all the dads of my close friends.  Hard-working and a quiet strength.  He’s the man who stressed civics education (a survey I read this week placed Idaho number one in the nation in that category).  He doesn’t need to be loud to be effective.

Among many of the others, I’m not really sure they’ve got any serious goals, other than padding a resume.

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