I came across a story out of Michigan and it suggests someone in Idaho can’t count.  The Detroit News explains it created some serious problems in Michigan’s Covid-19 response.  It may also raise more questions across the country about accurate counts when it comes to virus cases. 

The numbers were being compiled by what the paper describes as an Idaho health system.

A resurgence in Michigan’s case numbers caused the state’s Governor, who has been among the most heavy-handed during the pandemic, to place additional restrictions on some counties and regions.  The numbers were being compiled by what the paper describes as an Idaho health system.

After a great many lives and businesses in Michigan were again disrupted, it was discovered the Michigan figures were inflated.  It turns out some Idaho cases got mixed in with Michigan’s research.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a politician from a large state tested positive.  It cost him an event with President Trump.  Later in the day, a second test proved negative.

Another question, are false positives being included among initial numbers reported?  How many false tests are there?  Is mainstream media making distinctions between positive and negative?

Public perception has played a major role in the decision making process of state governments, whether or not we’re willing to admit the factor.

Many Americans who’ve lost jobs and businesses may never fully recover from the devastation.  There’s no vaccine for what ails them.

Meanwhile, in Idaho, there are signs numbers are dropping in some hot spots like the Magic Valley.  At the same time there are flare-ups in East Idaho.  Covid-19 is a bit like whack-a-mole for the medical community.

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