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The Chinese are going to be mining lithium just west of Idaho at Thacker Pass.  Did you know that?  Why has this story been ignored by establishment media?  Steve Miller at RealClear Investigations pieced it all together.  You can find more details by clicking here.

Your Tax Dollars Are Funding the Mining

Quickly, the Chinese company will be getting subsidies.  From our government.  Your tax money.  Joe Biden is o.k. with the deal.  I should note, that all Chinese companies are extensions of the Chinese Communist Party.  It's the same country that is increasingly threatening war with the United States!

We don’t have the ability to process all lithium ore into batteries for electric vehicles," Biden is promising.  It will be shipped to China and processed by slave labor.  So Biden's plan is that the nice communists will return the finished product.  Are you still following me?

What Happens if Shooting Starts?

If war does break out, the Chinese won’t be returning the ore.  They’ll also cut off our access to semi-conductors.  Additionally, liberal Chuck Schumer is assisting China on that front.

A member of my audience pointed out that the Chinese are likely to bring in their own workers.  There won’t be any jobs for Americans.  Lithium mining is also a dirty business.

Don't Call it Treason

Finally, are the decision-makers in Washington stupid, evil, or a combination of both?  I believe these decisions by Biden and Schumer border on treason.  They certainly don’t have the interests of their constituents in mind.  Basically, the elites are in bed with the enemy.

We need regime change.

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