I don’t like driving in snow and ice.  I don’t like walking on ice.

And explains she’s constantly on the lookout for dangerous reptiles

I’d prefer a warmer climate.  Until I read about the exotic creatures which could be sharing the neighborhood.  The New York Post has a story out of Florida about a battle akin to anything with which the worst street gangs could be engaged.

An alligator and a Burmese Python had a throw down on a golf course.  You’d want to stay away from these temperamental types but what would you do if you stumbled across them in the dark?

A woman I know in South Florida tells me she goes for a long walk after work every night when she gets home.  And explains she’s constantly on the lookout for dangerous reptiles.  All we worry about are stray moose and the now and then big cat.


As some of you have pointed out there are alligators in Hagerman.  There may also be some of the monsters in local basements.  My point is, when I go golfing it's not something I generally have to prepare for in this part of the country!



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