BURNS, Ore. (AP) — Lawyers for the jailed leader of an armed group occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge say they have recorded a phone call with Ammon Bundy telling the four people remaining at the refuge that it is "his authentic desire for them to stand down."

In a statement yesterday, attorney Lissa Casey says "that message has been communicated to the remaining four and there's nothing further to be done on our end... We have set our disagreements aside to save the lives. We've done what we can do." Through his attorneys, Bundy has repeatedly said he wants the people remaining at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to leave peacefully.

Casey says her client is not aligned with those remaining at the refuge and that he wants to go back to his family in Idaho. The standoff began Jan. 2 over federal land use policies. Most of the people at the refuge left after Bundy and other leaders of the group were arrested. Those remaining say they want assurances they won't be arrested.

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