You’ll be very warm if your car burns.  According to a story from CNBC, this would be rare, however.  If it does happen, you’re going to have some intense heat.  A fire chief quoted tells of an electric car that burned so hot, it melted the road.  As you may recall, a few months ago there was an EV manufacturer who advised buyers to park outside.  A glitch was causing some of the cars to burn in garages, possibly taking down entire homes.

Early Designs Often Have Kinks

None of this is unexpected when it comes to groundbreaking (or ground burning) new products.  When Chrysler introduced cab-forward designs during the early 1990s, a friend at work suggested I wait a model year before buying.  I did, but my dad bought one right away (he was impressed).  My friend believed it would take a year to work out any bugs in the design.

Now you realize, just by posting this story that the environmentalists will immediately race to DEFCON 1.  Again, challenge the old hippies' sacraments and you’ll reap the liberal whirlwind.

Safe Driving Isn't a Guarantee

None of this is to say that automobiles powered by internal combustion engines don’t sometimes have fires.  During my days when I worked in a newsroom, I covered a few tragic flaming crashes.  This is why I would rather see a move to hydrogen or compressed air engines.  As I wrote in an earlier story, hydrogen fuel tanks don’t explode when impacted.  Instead, the container fractures and the hydrogen quickly vents into the air like vapor.  That’s it!

When you’re trying to sell environmentally-friendly vehicles, we can find some common ground and also bring along some safety.

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