Maybe they can change the name to Noregon!  The liberals on the left coast of our neighbor to the left simply can’t help themselves.  They’re now going to attempt to institute strict new gun laws.  A registry, fingerprinting, and public knowledge of your purchases are on the way.  If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the measure barely passed.  Maybe the lefties living in Portland, Salem, and Eugene are looking over their shoulders.  The narrow margin would suggest they didn’t turn out in record numbers to approve the gun grab.

The screaming homeless guy stalking you as you’re out for a jog may intend you bodily harm.  Do you know how you stop him?  Smith and Wesson.   It could well be the spike in crime is a reminder we sometimes need to defend ourselves.

Meanwhile, you can bet the people in rural Oregon voted no in droves against Measure 114.

This is another reason the rural conservatives want a divorce from the tree-hugging kook-a-loos in Portland.  Big Brother doesn’t represent the values of the people in Burns and Baker City.

We saw two more eastern counties this week vote to join Idaho.  The usual whine is that secession is next to impossible.  Have you seen the national electoral map?  A few blotches of blue on the coasts, the Great Lakes, and in Colorado and New Mexico.  Otherwise, the country is a red sea.  We’re heading for a crackup.  We need to support our Christian neighbors held hostage by coastal elites.

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