Dope is bad for you.  No matter how much you caterwaul about it being harmless, research keeps coming along suggesting it turns regular smokers into zombies.  Whenever I write one of these columns, I get nasty emails from stoners.  They don’t like their sacrament being scrutinized.  Maybe it’s because they’ve become paranoid and psychotic.

Here's the Evidence

Click here to read a story from Neuroscience News.  It appears regular marijuana use can bring on psychosis and make actual psychotics even more dangerous.

It can also make you slow on the uptake.  Like we didn’t already know.  When I was in high school in the 1970s, the guys who smoked marijuana on a daily basis were called burnouts.  It’s because their motor skills and response times were shot.  One guy I met was nicknamed French Fry because his friends said his brain was fried.

This Isn't Granddad's Marijuana

The dope being peddled today is much more highly concentrated when it comes to THC.  For comparison, I believe it would be like drinking 80-proof whiskey after years of drinking light beer.

I’ll hear the arguments from potheads and they’ll scream like banshees as they insist smoking is better for you than drinking.  I’m also told walking is easier if you only remove five toes instead of all of them.

Numbers Don't Lie

The study says one in every 10 heavy users can’t function in school or on the job.  It’s even worse among smokers who started puffing while young.

According to the research, cognitive decline can be spotted even among mild users.

Now, tell me why you still keep lighting up the wacky weed?


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