They just don’t learn.  Hillary Clinton may have lost the presidency in 2016 by labeling millions of Americans a “basket of deplorables”.  Among Democrats, there is a belief every last registered member of their party is as pure of the driven snow.  Clinton lost some states by as little as 10,000 votes.  Some of the people voting in November of 2016 have probably been called more than a few names and responded at the ballot box.

Let’s come to 2019.  The latest media buzzwords about Donald Trump are “cult leader”.  As the Washington Examiner explains at this link, some elements of liberal America even compare Trump voters to ISIS.  Why?  Because you won’t get on board with their war on American values. 

I’ve been called redneck, inbred, toothless and rube more than I can any longer count.

So, they figure if they browbeat you long enough you’ll fall into line.

I’m not sure it quite works that way.  I grew up in rural Appalachia.  I’ve been called redneck, inbred, toothless and rube more than I can any longer count.  Usually by people who grew up in rat infested cities and somehow believe it makes them a better class of human being.

What becomes of regimes where millions are designated sub-human?

Growing up breathing clean air, clean drinking water and spending summers like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, I guess I was terribly deprived.  After all, my folks literally didn’t lock our doors.  We dummies lived without much fear.  Now we have to fear the rise of the new totalitarian class.  Which brings me to a question.  You can provide the answer below.  Of course, if you’re a liberal be warned.  Don’t use crayons on your screens.

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