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Ten dollars a gallon is not out of the realm of possibility.  Check out this link from the Washington Examiner.  The writer shares a quote from an industry insider who offers the figure as possibly a worst-case scenario.  I’m including an additional link from Newsweek.

Diesel is what is called a distillate.  Home heating oil is a member of the distillate family.  In some parts of the country, its cost this winter could be up between 25 and 30 percent.  Last week the Consumer Price Index was issued for October.  The 7.7 percent increase between October last year and October this year is lower than the year-over-year measurements of some previous months, however.  Since Joe Biden became President, inflation is up more than 13 percent.

Now factor in an additional four dollars a gallon for diesel fuel.  It could bring another spike in retail costs.

America moves on diesel.  Locally, beet and potato harvests are moved by diesel.  The farms use large equipment.  Trains run on diesel.  How else do we ship goods over land?  On the backs of mules?

Part of the shortage was caused by a lack of Russian supplies.  We also lack refining capacity and it could take years to revive capacity.  If anyone would be interested in investing in refineries when their company is being told the future is green energy.

A lot of Americans are going to get a rude awakening soon.  Maybe they’ll have buyer’s remorse over how they voted on Election Day.

Our Election Day victors in Idaho support traditional fuels, but at the moment, many of their colleagues offer nothing more than suffering.

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