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There simply isn’t lithium to make it work.  This has been dawning on environmentalists in recent weeks.  Now, some are even suggesting we forget driving altogether.  If the globalists have their way, in a generation, there could be no cars in private hands. For example, there’s no way that Europe can reach this target goal.  Old cars will be roaming the roads, held together by bailing twine and chewing gum.  Much like you would see in Cuba.

I’ve written before that we simply don’t have the cobalt for conversion to an electric vehicle fleet.  Lithium, meanwhile, can’t fill future goals.  We mine only 100,000 tons worldwide every year.

Efforts to take it out of the ground near Idaho face opposition from many of the same people who insist we need to save the planet.

Across the ocean, it gets much worse and geopolitics, human rights concerns, and economic rivals are slowing mining in areas where there are thick beds of lithium below the surface.

Maybe 2023 is the year we finally put aside the fantasies of the left and get back to some basics.  Worried about rising seas?  Build higher seawalls.  Worried about drought?  Then divert water from elsewhere.    These things are potentially destructive and challenging.  They also are in the realm of possibility and won’t cost the livelihoods and lives of hundreds of millions of people.

The left needs to put aside its childish behavior and get a grip on reality.  Right now, many are still living in Crazy Town.  As an old football coach told me, get with the program!

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