A south Idaho farmer just lost thousands of dollars worth of livestock following attacks by at least two area bald eagles. The incident happened earlier this week just east of Twin Falls.

A Murtaugh farmer is recovering from the loss of 54 sheep on his farm after they were slain by bald eagles, according to details shared by Yours News. The farmer stated the birds had been living near his lake property for a number of years, according to the information found by Your News. It's estimated the livestock deaths will cost the farmer several thousand dollars.

Northern Idaho has the highest number of bald eagles in the state, so many in fact, that tours are given regularly by state wildlife officials in highly populated areas. Bonners Ferry is a great location to visit to get a look at these incredible birds.

Closer to Twin Falls, Thousand Springs State Park, in Hagerman, is also known for bald eagle sightings. At an elevation of over 3,100 feet in Hagerman's Box Canyon, the area known as Vader Grade is apparently a great spot to do some bird watching. Eagles are very capable of taking out livestock due to their razor-sharp claws.

Another popular spot to view these birds is along the South Fork of the Snake River, between Palisades Dam and Henry's Fork, which Idaho Fish & Game has acknowledged as being one of the regions in the state that is home to a large species of birdlife.

Thousand Springs State Park

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