When it comes to wind power, just say no!  It’s a line from former First Lady Nancy Reagan.  She was talking about drugs.  In some respects, wind power is like an intoxicant for the American left.  Unless the turbines are near their homes.  Jim Geraghty is a writer for the conservative National Review.  He says liberals are among the loudest opponents when their views are sullied by giant pinwheels.  They want energy.  They want you to put up with the inconvenience.  Click here to read more from Geraghty.  He points out that opposition to the projects is growing at a rapid rate.

Liberals Approve of Killing Bald Eagles

Eugene Robinson is a liberal columnist for the Washington Post.  He claims the killing of protected bald eagles is a price we’ll have to pay to save the planet.  Of course, millions of his fellow men and women will also be sacrificed.  If we stopped all oil pumping tomorrow, hundreds of millions would be dead in a few months and there would be wars and famine as people continued squabbling over the remaining resources.

A Dark Age is Coming

Oil is the key to modern living.  Even with the occasional spill and more carbon in the atmosphere, would you choose to live in 2022 or 1022?

A writer at Real Clear Energy warns industrialized nations are heading for another dark age if we don’t get wise.  Click here to read his myths about power sources.  Far more people have died in mine collapses and rig blowouts than from accidents with nuclear energy.

Forget the pinwheels.  Two miniature reactors could power all of Twin Falls 24/7 for decades to come.

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