NAPLES, Idaho (KLIX)-A grizzly bear is suspected of killing two domestic animals in the Panhandle Region of Idaho earlier this week. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said conservation officers were called to a home near Naples in Boundary County where a llama and sheep was killed on the evening of April 5. The owner told officers that he had seen a bear in the area around the time of the attack but couldn't tell if it was a black bear or grizzly bear. Officers were able to quickly find tracks and confirmed a grizzly bear had been in the area. Idaho Fish and Game said officers have placed live traps on the private property to capture the bear if it does return to the area. If the animal is caught it will be examined to see if its been subject to previous study or is a unknown bear. If it is relocated to another area a GPS collar will be placed on it to monitor its movements, according to Idaho Fish and Game.

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