A former Marine will be jumping 22 times off the Perrine Bridge to raise awareness and money for research that will help make brain trauma more detectable and treatable in veterans. Approximately 22 veterans commit suicide daily and it can be attributed to traumatic brain injuries.

Former Marine Infantryman and Scout Sniper Tristan Wimmer has pledged to jump 22 times on May 29th to help raise money and awareness. Their goal is to get rid of the stigma of mental health. Veterans have already been incredibly strong for our country so anything that we can do to help them adjust to normal life and to get the help they need I am all for. I can't even imagine what it would be like to return after a deployment, after retiring from the military, after seeing some of the things they see and trying to go back to normal every day civilian life.

There will be other things happening as well. The event starts at 9 am with the National Anthem and flag jumps. Then at 10 am there will be yoga with an instructor. That will also begin Magic Valley Freedom Riders driving their Harleys. Anchor Food Truck will also be there to serve food. All the proceeds from that will go to 22 Jumps/Cohen Veterans Bioscience to help with research. BASE jumpers will be going all day. 22 can't be easy.

It is also being coordinated by a student at Canyon Ridge High School as her senior project. Way to go.

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