A caller to my radio program doesn’t like Anderson Cooper.  From my perspective Cooper is a benign force.

He’s from old money, a liberal and as the caller explained, a homosexual

For those who don’t watch CNN, Cooper is the prime time face of the network.  He’s from old money, a liberal and as the caller explained, a homosexual.  The latter I believe is irrelevant.  Where I last hosted a radio show there was a large community of people with alternative lifestyles.  Many were also political conservatives (if they hadn’t been at one time, many of them in business evolved when dealing with government regulation).

When I say Cooper is a liberal I’m stating opinion and I don’t believe I’m too far from fact, although.  On a weekly basis I see where Cooper takes to task left-leaning politicians as you can see here.  Give credit to the anchor for a sometimes unbiased approach.  It’s in short supply at his network.

Back to the caller’s derision of Cooper’s sexuality because it gives me a moment to continue an even earlier on-air discussion.  One morning two weeks ago I was talking about the Old Testament.  God instructed Moses, who in turn instructed the Jews, to drag anyone engaging in homosexuality outside the encampment.  Where they were to be stoned to death.  My discussion ended when we reached 10:00 o’clock.

Many Christian pastors tell me (conservative and liberal) the arrival of Jesus wipes away the Old Covenant.  Mosaic Law then becomes an anachronism.  Frankly, I disagree.  Jesus said he came to fulfill the law and was well versed in scripture.  After all, He had a hand in the wording!  Here is where I think I can be clearer.  He reminded men before they carried out punishment for sin they should themselves have clear consciences.  Free from sin.  The late Fred Phelps missed the message.

I’ve got issues with Anderson Cooper.  Like many in mainstream media his liberal bias can filter into his job.  Last month while working for CBS’ 60 Minutes he also let ratings take precedence over journalism during an interview with a porn star.  Those things are noteworthy.  His lifestyle isn’t and as long as he punches the clock at the same time every day we should concentrate on being informed consumers of news.  The more we know about a subject even the bias becomes irrelevant.

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