They’ve been spotted by radio stations along Route 30.  Makes me wonder if this is all part of a stunt to rebrand a station.  I used to live in a part of the country where a local station billed itself as Moose 105.9.  The place played country music.  Really old country music.  Think of the Carter family.  It must have been a vanity project.

I saw the above post on the Facebook page of the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  While we don’t get a lot of moose down in the valley, it’s not uncommon, however.  Moose aren’t friendly.  I saw a comment on Facebook and the writer said he would fear one of the massive animals more than a grizzly bear.  If you photograph a moose, do it from a distance.

A spokesman has told me from Idaho Fish and Game that if your actions make a wild animal move, then you’re probably too close.  The problem is that we can’t close Route 30 because there are moose in the area.  Instead, personal responsibility is needed.  If you see one near the road, slow down.  I saw a moose one summer day twenty years ago in New Hampshire along old Route 2.  She was drinking from a stream.  As soon as my car came rolling down the hill, the cow turned and wandered back into the woods.

Approaching them epitomizes stupidity.  They kill without remorse.

There’s always the possibility the massive creatures will on their own return to the South Hills.  Otherwise, experts at Idaho Fish and Game will likely tranquilize and then remove them from a highly trafficked area.

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