The way I see it, to reach the new standard the best vehicle available is a horse and buggy.  Or has two wheels, a chain, and pedals.

Last week I posted a story about electric vehicles and how technology isn’t a solution for Idaho and the Mountain West.  The government can confiscate more of my income and build charging stations every few miles, however.  Charging is a bit of a time-consuming process compared to my fill-up over the weekend at Valley Wide Country Store, which took maybe no more than three minutes.  I also explained that the technology for batteries hasn’t improved over three decades, despite promises made by people who believe they need to control every aspect of life.

The Liberals are Giddy

Liberals didn’t like my comments and some fired off poison-pen emails.  I don’t like them and now consider us even.

You may not be able to open this link from the Wall Street Journal.  Let me then share a quote from a spokesman for the parent company of Chrysler:

“Underlines the urgency of enacting a broad suite of complementary policies, including vehicle-purchase incentives, manufacturing stimulus, and the establishment of a nationwide charging infrastructure, to drive a market shift.”

As you can see, the manufacturers are more than willing to follow the diktats of the Environmental Protection Agency, as long as taxpayers foot the bill!

You Pay the Cost and Could Lose Some Safety

What will happen is more people will buy SUVs.  Because minivans and SUVs are considered trucks, the styles haven’t been impacted by the same fuel requirements as sedans and coupes.  Which is what killed off the American station wagon as a cultural icon.  To meet the new specifications, more electric vehicles will be introduced to lower fleet averages.  Whether drivers like the idea is irrelevant to government bureaucrats.

The government needs to get out of Dodge and let the market drive the solutions.

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