Charles Blow is a whining liberal. Charles Blow is looking for a reparations check. Charles Blow is a New York Times columnist with a fat paycheck and, yet.

In his world view the young are better educated. At what, video games?

Today in his column he’s trying to, I think, extend an olive branch to Republican voters. Then about halfway down the page Whining Charlie can’t help himself. He maintains the young move to cities and the baby boomers move to the country. In his world view the young are better educated. At what, video games? Just because you spend 6 years in college to graduate (if you graduate) doesn’t mean you were awake in class. Modern colleges spend the first two years with new arrivals in remedial education because public schools are inept and dumbed down just to get the kids out the door and make room for the next batch. My mother graduated high school and then went straight to work. She spent 4 decades in a factory. She could also freely quote both the Bible and Shakespeare. What are young people better at than her classical education? Mom spent her first six grades in a two-room schoolhouse. My dad dropped out of high school and earned a GED in the Army where his IQ was measured at 176. He had a love for classical music and the piano and every night at dinner our table was a political or cultural conversation. This in a small town with a population under 3-thousand. The second largest town in my home county and my parent’s friends were all equally adept at discussing weighty issues of the day despite being “apple-knockers”. The young people I mostly meet today are self-absorbed with noses pressed against screens. This is intelligence? Lefty needs to stop equating his degree with brains. Colleges pass out diplomas like your government passes out food stamps. No wonder rural America finally said, “Enough!”

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