TWIN FALLS, Idaho – The Bureau of Land Management Burley Field Office said Friday that it is extending seasonal road closures in the South Hills until driving conditions improve.

That could be as early as next Friday for some roads.

The closures began on Jan. 15, but wet weather in February and March have made roads difficult to travel. Because of wet conditions, they are susceptible to rutting and other kinds of damage.

“The wet weather we experienced in February and early March will be great for habitat and watershed condition this coming spring,” Burley Field Manager Ken Crane said. “However, the road conditions are just not ready for regular travel yet.”

He said conditions should improve as the drying and warming trend continues. If all goes well, the agency will lift the closure on at least some roads by March 22.

Roads closed to public travel, but which may open by next Friday, include Dry Creek, Cherry Spring, North Cottonwood Creek and Indian Springs beginning about 1.5 miles south of Foothills Road.

The restriction applies to all motorized vehicles except law enforcement, emergency crews and other approved users.

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