The next time you’re shopping or filling up at the pumps, you can thank a liberal for the pain.  I came across the above Facebook post just this week.  One of my connections posted it several months ago.  The writer’s point is the folly of green energy, which simply can’t meet power needs across the globe and certainly not in Idaho.

Drill Baby, Drill

This folly is underscored by current events in Ukraine.  Russian oil and natural gas underwrite the economies of Western Europe.  Heck, the United States has been importing more than 500,000 barrels a day of Russian oil.  Keystone XL Pipeline had a projected capacity in excess of 800,000 barrels.  You do the math!

To rub salt into the wounds, the genius living in the White House is looking to bar drilling for oil and gas on federal lands.  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are planning on ramping up oil extraction.

How gold dang dumb must we be to idly watch the world implode and not demand a return to the energy independence we had two years ago?

Forget Ugly Giant Pinwheels, Bring on Coal and Oil

When the so-called pandemic struck we were told it was a necessity to fire up the treasury’s printing press, even though generations to come would be on the hook with the tab.  A necessary evil, right?  O.K., we’re now facing an economic disaster and worse, a societal collapse, due to inflation and fuel shortages.  Then let’s postpone the climate hysteria and extract all the oil, gas, and coal available.  Our two neighbors to the east, Montana and Wyoming, rest atop huge veins of coal.  Employment and state tax revenues would boom.

We can always curb the traditional fuels when we get nuclear and hydrogen ramped up and in place.  In the meantime, there’s no time to waste.  While we haven’t been attacked like our ally Ukraine, we may be facing the greatest home front challenge in 80 years.  If Democrats think January 6, 2021, was awful, food and gasoline riots are probably a much bigger threat to stability.

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