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A Power Grab in Idaho? (Opinion)
On Election Day most people can easily pick between candidates because they’ve formed opinions about the people they’ve seen and/or met.  Ballot issues are another matter.
The Hillary & Lester Holt Debate Conspiracy (Opinion)
A woman once stopped me during a remote broadcast and told me we had met at her church some years before.  I expected a pleasant conversation when she blurted out, “I find you depressing!”  When I asked why she shared, it’s because I&CloseCurlyQu…
Media Again Rigs Debate for Democrat (Opinion)
Having just returned from a long weekend, I’m a little late with my debate analysis, but here we go.  Trump won the first-third.  I think he may have been told to avoid attacks to look more presidential.  The result may have been to keep him a little too cosseted and t…

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