BURLEY, Idaho (KLIX)-A 57-year-old Burley woman is facing accusations she tried to murder her husband while he was sleeping in his chair. According to court records filed in Cassia County, Cassia County Sheriff's deputies charged Mildred Hope on September 19, with one count of attempted murder, attempted strangulation, and destruction of evidence after being called to her home for a domestic dispute.

The victim, identified as Mildred's husband, claims he had laid down in his power assist chair and placed a blanket over himself. He told officers that he had lost 80 percent of the use on his right side due to a stroke several years ago and that he had married Mildred in 2020 after meeting her in 2019. The husband claims he fell asleep after Mildred allegedly placed another blanket over him and tucked it in tight with the chair. According to the charging affidavit, "(victim) stated that he fell asleep and woke up suddenly with a white plastic garbage bag over his head." Deputies went on to write what the victim told them "...he was in a fight for his life and could not breathe."

The victim alleges Mildred was holding him down as he tried to escape and managed to poke a hole in the bag enabling him to breath. Allegedly, Mildred repositioned the bag to tighten it around the victim's head. The victim said he was able to push with one leg, which broke the chair, and he fell off onto the floor. The victim then claims Mildred walked into another room with the plastic bag and two tie-down straps that were on the floor. The victim then phoned a relative who then called police.

Deputies said they found a white plastic bag in the kitchen and noted the blankets along with the broken chair.

The accused are innocent until proven guilty.

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