There are some places where you finish your meal and you’re jealous.  You envy the people who live close to the restaurant.

Because Buster’s is just a little too far from where I live.  Otherwise, it’s likely I would be eating there every day for lunch.  I met friends there last Sunday.  There were five of us.  We had 5 distinct items from the menu.  All five left talking about the great food. 

I had four chicken wings.  A delicious traditional sauce and the meat is wholly cooked.

I ordered the pizza for the very first time.  It’s simply world class.  And I had four chicken wings.  A delicious traditional sauce and the meat is wholly cooked.  The sauce is also more of a glaze.  At some places, the chicken is still pink inside.  And the sauce is often more soup than sauce.  Buster’s also serves smoked wings (on my list for the next visit).

Tri-tip was the Sunday lunch special.  Also on the list for a future visit.  A friend had the meatloaf and her daughter ordered a Philly cheese steak.

We arrived near the tail end of the breakfast rush and found a large table.  Within 45 minutes every seat in the place was filled.  I’m certainly not surprised.

In my travels around the Mountain West, I’ve been deeply impressed by some of the great restaurants I’ve discovered in some out of the way places.  Fairfield, Notus and Dillon come to mind.

For many years when I was on the road I would simply pop into a chain restaurant.  After all, you know what you’ll be getting even if it’s not five star dining.  In recent years I’ve come to appreciate what I’ve been missing and prefer the unique tastes of small town roadside cafes.


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