The role of the Pope, as I understand it, is to shepherd souls to heaven.  Saving the planet from climate change wouldn’t appear to be a biblical priority.  It didn’t get much attention when he said it, but Pope Francis is advising people to eat a lot less meat, and not simply on Fridays.  The story got overlooked because of wars and potential wars and news about inflation.  Which has forced many of us to reduce meat consumption even without the threat of excommunication!

Can you be a Catholic and a beef farmer?  The simple answer is yes, but in some ways, the leader of your church has demonized your way of life.  This is coming from a guy who delivers Papal Bulls!  The man also grew up in Argentina, one of the world’s largest producers of beef products.

Does everything in life need to be woke?  Can I enjoy a Big Mac without a dispensation?  If I munch on a strip steak am I compelled to rush to the nearest confessional?

I took an oath to Pope Francis.  I haven’t broken it but sometimes I wonder if he’s actually giving much thought when he speaks.  He has a history of off-the-cuff remarks and these do confuse mainstream media, which then flogs Catholics when it fits the liberal media narrative.

It’s not easy being a Christian when it comes to most denominations.  It’s even harder when you have to explain to liberals that Francis can’t snatch a burger from my hands.

If his latest recommendation (and that’s all it was) had any teeth, he would destroy the economy of the American west and likely put the creaky Argentinian economy in the grave.  It’s already close to the last rites.

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